I’m a designer who loves to bring order, clarity, and (hopefully) a small bit of enchantment to any project.

I started my career working as an associate art director for a small design firm whose largest client was a national computer magazine. Later I was hired as a book designer for Waite Group Press, a computer book publisher that was eventually acquired by Macmillan. At Waite Group I progressed to senior designer and then to production manager, and worked on their website and online courses. Eventually, feeling homesick for our original New England, my husband and I moved to Massachusetts and I took a job as a project manager for Pearson Custom Solutions. Since leaving Pearson I’ve been freelancing, offering mainly publication design, book packaging, editorial services, and web design to a wide range of clients. 

If you see something on this website that pleases you, do let me know. And if I can be of help to you, please call me at 508-478-3897, or email me at cecile@cecilekaufman.com.