Drummer and percussion professor at Berklee College of Music, Robert Kaufman, wanted a site where he could share new and favorite music and show people where they can buy his books. This is what I made for him.

Animals of Haiti is a children's book in English and Creole, by Martha Reynolds, about the animals that people live with in their daily lives in Haiti. This is the website I made for the book. There is also a link to donate to the Haitian Health Foundation.


Here are some illustrations I created for a website having to do with nature, children, and citizen science. The website will appear here when it is done!

Candela Medical

I created a style guide in PowerPoint for the engineers at Candela Medical.
Here are selected pages from it.


Advertisement for Catalynk

Beth Coleman provides Knowledge Centered Services training to businesses. This organization of the flow of knowledge sharing can make businesses much more efficient. I have been making advertisements for her that she can display on social media and on her website.