For Love of the Island

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation I designed and produced this book, dedicated to the people who made possible the preservation of much of Nantucket's natural world. I was privileged to work with some of Nantucket's best photographers and, of course,  Mill Hill Press managing editor, Dick Duncan. The book was printed by PuritanCapital and bound by Acme Bookbinding.

Sailing around Nantucket

Sailing around Nantucket was written by a sailor who intimately knows the waters around Nantucket and every nook and cranny of the coastline. Replete with drawings of never-before-charted areas, drawn by the author. The book was printed by PuritanCapital and bound by Acme Bookbinding.


A quarterboard is a sign that was placed on the quarterdeck of a ship and displayed the ship's title. In this book Sharon Hubbard traces the history of the quarterboard and Dan Driscoll's beautiful photographs depict the scenes and the boards.


The three-piece cover of this book was inspired by the wonderful eighteenth-century handwriting of Peleg Folger, whose job it was to keep the log of the whaling ship he sailed on. This book is a transcript of the logs that he kept between 1751 and 1754, juxtaposed with photographs of the actual manuscript  taken by Jeff Allen. The text is edited by Thomas Philbrick with a foreword by Nathaniel Philbrick. The book comes with a ribbon.



This anthology of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about Nantucket contains selections from forty-three authors from Thomas Jefferson to Russell Baker, and is edited by Susan F. Beegel.


MY Travel Journey

This little spiral bound book is designed to be a travel journey for children visiting Colonial Williamsburg. They can write on the pages, recording what they saw, what they did at the market square, what colonial stores they visited and what they bought, what kinds of plants and gardens they saw, what kinds of toys they played with, and who they might be in colonial times.


Manage your financial Life

The first two books in a series on managing your personal finances, by Nancy Doyle of Doyle Partners.