A Service Design Challenge

This service design challenge involved providing a solution to a workflow problem. 

The Problem

Servicemen of a plumbing company would sometimes be unable to complete jobs because of incomplete work orders. This led to frustration for the repairmen and a poor customer experience.


I explored the process for capturing order information to identify how this was happening and how the process could be improved. These screen shots show the area of the dashboard that the call agent would use to book a job and assign a technician to it.


If the call was from an existing customer the call agent would search the database by address and then a pop-up screen would appear showing the customer’s information and any notes that had been entered in the past. In the call booking screen there were options to select the type of job (such as a clogged drain), the priority level, the date and time that the customer would like the service to take place, the business unit, and a drop-down list of technicians. Beneath this area of the dashboard was field where the call agent could enter additional notes. Frequently the call agent would proceed to estimate and then book the job without recording the name of the person who called, the name of the person who would be on site, and who could authorize the work.


I added fields that would specifically ask who called, who would be onsite, who would authorize the work, and how the service provider should enter the property. I also added a "Done" button that would produce an error message if all the required information was not filled in.